Haus Wien
September 21 — 27, 2020

Open Call

Haus is pleased to announce the open call for its first edition which will be taking place in Vienna from September 21-27, 2020.

The open call is directed towards artists, curators, researchers, commercial galleries, and institutions, as well as non-profit, artist-run or self-organized initiatives.

Inspired by the spatial arrangement of an art fair that brings together different exhibitors under one roof, Haus is conceived as a hybrid between collaborative group exhibition and non-commercial showcase. By combining artistic, curatorial and discursive interventions, the project aims to create an experimental platform where a variety of exhibition strategies, structures and formats meet. The platform is envisioned as a tool to explore new ideas for showcasing artworks as well as accompanying formats.

With these goals in mind, Haus will launch its first edition in September 2020 as a pilot project where the platform itself becomes a way of forging new alliances, friendships and strategies of collaboration.

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What is Haus?

Haus is a new, communally organized, annual exhibition format for the city of Vienna.

Drawing inspiration from the model of a commercial art fair, Haus aims to bring together a small multitude of artistic initiatives and approaches under one roof. By creating a non-commercial and low-threshold mediation platform, Haus sets out to promote contemporary artistic production and community in a form that is both free and open to the public. We believe there is a blank space between the art market, institutional academic advances and independent culture production which we want to fill, proposing a unified approach defying clear categorization.

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