Haus Wien
September 21 — 27, 2020

What is Haus?

Haus is a new, communally organized, annual exhibition format for the city of Vienna.

Drawing inspiration from the model of a commercial art fair, Haus aims to bring together a small multitude of artistic initiatives and approaches under one roof. By creating a non-commercial and low-threshold mediation platform, Haus sets out to promote contemporary artistic production and community in a form that is both free and open to the public. We believe there is a blank space between the art market, institutional academic advances and independent culture production which we want to fill, proposing a unified approach defying clear categorization.

Due to the current situation, we were forced to entirely rethink the project, not only in terms of the venue but also the financing model, the scale, and above all the idea of an open call for this year’s edition.

We do not believe the consequences of the current crisis are negligible, and want to acknowledge and respect the uncertainty of the situation. However, we like to stay hopeful.
It is important to have things to look forward to, even in times of crisis. We therefore decided to keep working on the realization of the project and conceive Haus 2020 as a trial run, in which we are prepared to flexibly respond to the circumstances.

Call for contributions

While we are eagerly working on building the necessary structures, we are also looking for ideas, supporters and possible contributions in a broader scope than initially intended. Hence we are expanding the “open call” to a general call for input, feedback, ideas and critique. This call is directed towards anyone who wants to join us laying the groundwork and exploring what this new exhibition platform could grow into.

If you are an artist, curator, run a gallery, project space, or an institution and are interested in participating or supporting; if you just want to share your thoughts, or if Haus sparks your interest for any other reason: Please get in touch! Our Instagram DMs are open, our email is


Marie-Claire Gagnon, Fanny Hauser, Bruno Mokross, Julius Pristauz, Johanna Thorell, Edin Zenun, founding association board of Haus


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